Woman Leaves Bad Review After Hating Haircut

A woman traumatised by her salon’s styling left a cutting review on Google, and received an offer that would curl your hair.

Angela Grill was very unhappy when the manager failed to respond after she initially reached out over what she described as “the worst haircut I’ve ever had.”

So she decided to leave a bad Google review. And her decision led to an unexpected result. The salon invited her back for more.

Now she has shared the story on her TikTok account (@anggrill), gaining more than 2.2 million views and 166,000 likes.

Grill, who had the haircut a month or two prior to making the video, was very disappointed with her new style, and explained: “I reached out to them, they never got back to me, and so I did a bad thing and I left a bad Google review,” in the hopes that the salon would contact her.

Woman Mirror Unhappy Haircut Stylist
A woman hates her haircut. Angela Grill left a Google review after a negative salon experience, and it led to a surprising result.

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She was right, and the salon’s owner called Grill immediately, telling her: “I can fix that for you, if you just come in.”

Grill was apprehensive heading into her second appointment, as most people would be. Apart from risking a second poor cut, she said: “I don’t know what the owner thinks she can do to fix that other than hair growth.”

The before look was a choppy, uneven layered cut just past her shoulders which didn’t resemble either of her inspiration images she’d showed the stylist. Something had gone wrong with the face-framing layers.

Happy Hair Ending

But the risk paid off and the result was worth the wait. Grill shared that she believes her new cut is “dramatically better” than the last style she left the same salon with.

Showing off the long bob in her video, Grill said how happy she was with the new cut.

The owner, who compensated Grill with the second appointment, even admitted herself that the first cut was “bad.”

Grill attributed the new and improved look to “the power of a Google review.”

And she reassured viewers that the salon owner would now receive her thanks in the form of some kinder words on Google, saying: “I’m gonna give her a very good review.”

Newsweek reached out to Grill for comment via email.