“Wish We Could Guard Against That”: Deion Sanders Warns Buffs Fans of Unethical Practice After Colorado Sells Out Season Tickets

Ever since Colorado sold out tickets for their second season three months before the actual NCAA game, Coach Prime has been filled with happiness and gratitude. Despite CU’s 2023 4-8 exit, fans still have faith in the program, and they are as excited as they were last season when Deion Sanders took over as the program’s head coach.

On May 22nd’s video by Well Off Media, Deion Sanders sitting on his private jet to LA, sends a heartfelt thank you message to the fans with a plea: “I want to thank all our fans, students, and everybody. The Buff Nation, you are tremendous. We sold out season tickets. Now regular tickets go on sale today, and I know what you’re gonna do. I know you’re gonna show up and show out. I appreciate y’all.” However, his thank-you message was followed by a warning to those who manipulated the ticket-selling process by reselling tickets to fans at a much higher price.

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Coach Prime, being a fan’s man, does not want to see the Buff Nation going through a hard time to attend their beloved team’s matchups. “Let’s get to the tickets because I don’t want these,” declared Coach Prime. “Resellers. I don’t want that to happen. I wish we could guard against that because I want our fan base to truly be in the stadiums, not people that go purchase a lot and then resell them for a higher price.”

The excitement around Colorado’s upcoming season is palpable, and Coach Prime’s dedication to ensuring a fair experience for fans underscores his commitment to the Buff Nation.

This is a developing story, stay tuned for more updates!

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