Wife Wants Photo of Friend’s New Baby—Not Prepared for What Husband Sends

The internet has been left in hysterics at a video shared by a woman showcasing the image she received of her friend’s newborn baby.

Suzanne Lambert, 32, (@itssuzannelambert) explained that her husband’s best friend, who was the best man at their wedding, recently became a dad. She was keen to see his bundle of joy but to her surprise, her 36-year-old husband didn’t even ask for a photo. But when he did, she was in fits of laughter.

She told Newsweek: “I was sitting at the kitchen table and doubled over laughing thinking it was a joke and another picture was coming. I quickly realized that wasn’t the case when my husband was confused about why I was laughing.”

Lambert, from Arlington, Virginia, has shared the photo on TikTok and racked up 1.3 million views since April 10. The image is a panoramic shot taken from the baby monitor that shows the baby sleeping in the crib.

Shocked woman
Lambert has used a green screen effect to discuss the photo. In the background, the baby can be seen lying in the crib and a cat is crawling from underneath the bed.

Suzanne Lambert/TikTok/@itssuzannelambert

“The baby’s face is literally not visible,” she says in the clip.

Lambert, a consultant in the financial sector, calls her husband “B” and his friend of 15 years “Jay.” She told Newsweek that neither man saw any issue with the photo, which only added to its humor.

“The photo being from a baby monitor makes it so much funnier. I know Jay has hundreds of pictures of his baby on his phone, so maybe he just wanted to send one that felt authentic or in the moment,” she said.

While it seems obvious what the error is to many women on TikTok, B failed to understand why his wife was in hysterics.

She said: “I explained I was actually hoping to see the baby, not just proof of its existence, but he also thought it was a perfectly fine picture (and still does). That is what makes me laugh the most—the difference in the extent of detail to which his friends communicate in comparison to mine. It doesn’t make the love between them any less, though!

“After the failed first attempt, I figured the best plan would be to wait to meet the baby in person than to try for a futile second attempt. I did meet the baby in person and it’s absolutely beautiful and sweet—no baby monitor picture could do it justice!”

So far, the video captioned: “It’s like every day is their first day on earth someone please explain,” has amassed over 179,000 likes and more than 3,000 comments.

One comment said: “You can see the cat’s face more than the baby’s face.”

“This is my husband when his friend had a baby. He also could not tell me the baby’s name or gender so I went to grandma’s [Facebook] page and got all my answers,” said another.

Another joked: “I think he was trying to take a pic of the cat and there was a baby in the room.”

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