Video of Alina Habba Making Passover Meal Goes Viral

Videos of former President Donald Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba preparing a meal for Passover have gone viral just before the beginning of the Jewish holiday.

The videos show Habba, a Catholic, helping Real Housewives of New Jersey star Siggy Flicker make a brisket for Passover Seder—a feast that marks the first two days of the eight-day holiday, which begins this year on Monday night.

Flicker, an Israeli-American and staunch supporter of Trump, posted a series of videos and images featuring Habba to her Instagram account on Monday morning, describing the lawyer as her “bestie” while sharing a pun and the brisket recipe.

“HABBA NICE PASSOVER!” Flicker wrote. “Started my morning with my bestie ALINA HABBA, (Jill of many trades) who came over to make a brisket for my family! Now you know we are going to #HABBA A NICE PASSOVER!!!”

Alina Habba Siggy Flicker Passover Cooking Videos
Trump legal spokesperson Alina Habba on Monday is pictured outside the former president’s criminal trial in New York City. Images of Habba helping “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Siggy Flicker prepare a Passover meal…

Victor J. Blue

Flicker’s clips and photos were later shared to X, formerly Twitter, by Trump critics who used the opportunity to mock Habba over her cooking techniques.

“Alina Habba gives a masterclass on how to saw celery,” former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski wrote while sharing a video of Habba chopping celery, which had more than 360,000 views at the time of publication.

“Alina Habba even chops celery like a moron,” wrote Joanne “JoJoFromJerz” Carducci. “This whole thing is a flesh wound waiting to happen.”

“On the bright side, Habba can’t be any worse at cooking than she is at lawyering,” @KPLWW5 wrote.

“She doesn’t Habba clue how to make brisket,” wrote @d_c_donovan.

“Is Alina Habba using enough seasoning here?” the account Patriot Takes wrote while sharing an image of Habba seasoning the brisket.

“Morton salt instead of Kosher salt for cooking?” wrote @melindak242. “OMG, this woman has never cooked in her life. If Ms Habba baked, I bet she would use salted butter. Is there nothing these folks are honest about.”

“My god she’s making shoe leather,” @nickforbrains wrote.

Newsweek reached out for comment to Habba’s office via email on Monday evening.

Habba was mercilessly mocked by many over her legal skills earlier this year while defending Trump in a defamation and sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former columnist E. Jean Carroll, which the ex-president eventually lost and was ordered to pay over $83 million.

Although Habba is not representing the ex-president in criminal matters, she appeared at his hush-money trial in New York on Monday in her new capacity as Trump’s “legal spokesperson,” which she has said involves “spitting the truth and giving people facts they may not be hearing.”

Habba also represented Flicker in 2021 when she threatened to sue Facebook for allegedly suspending her account merely for posting “a picture of beautiful Melania Trump on her birthday.” A lawsuit was not filed.

Flicker, whose stepson was arrested earlier this year on charges related to the pro-Trump January 6 Capitol attack, told Newsweek in September that she believes Trump is “the greatest president in the history of America and the greatest friend to the Jewish people and State of Israel.”