Today’s ‘Wordle’ #1,039 Hints and Answer for Tuesday, April 23 Puzzle

It is the start of the working week, so we can be forgiven if our brains are struggling to solve today’s Wordle puzzle.

Newsweek has put together some clues to help you solve the daily game, but first a reminder as to how it works.

The rules of the game are simple—players need to work out a mystery five-letter word in six guesses or fewer, and then a color-coded tile system lets you know if you’re on the right track.

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Wordle game displayed on a phone screen and Wordle logo displayed on a screen in the background in a photo taken in Krakow, Poland on January 19, 2023. The daily game requires players to solve…

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A green tile means the letter is correct, while yellow tells you the letter appears in the word but is just in the wrong spot, while a gray tile shows that the letter does not appear in the word at all.

WordsRated did some research on the game and found the most common starting letter is S, with 15.81 percent of answers beginning with it.

The next most common starting letter is C, with 8.58 percent of Wordle answers starting with the consonant, although S is the starting letter for 167 more words than its nearest rival. B is in third place with 7.49 percent.

The New York Times, which bought Wordle for a “seven-figure” sum from creator Josh Wardle in 2022, also did some research on how people play the game, with some very surprising results.

Writers Josh Katz and Aatish Bhatia analyzed 515 million Wordle games and found that one of the most popular first-word choices was “Adieu.” While it was in the top 30 most-used starting words, it was actually not that helpful in solving the daily puzzle.

“The strategy seems to make sense: Figure out the vowels, and the other letters will fall into place,” wrote Katz and Bhatia. “Our new analysis, though, shows that starting with ADIEU or AUDIO does actually put human players at a disadvantage.”

They continued: “On average, players who started with ADIEU needed about a third of a turn more to solve their Wordles compared with players who started with SLATE, adding up to 132 extra turns over the course of a year.”

If you need a hand solving today’s Wordle brainteaser, Newsweek has put together a few hints to help you out. But be warned, the answer appears further down in the article, so please scroll with caution if you want to work it out yourself.

‘Wordle’ #1,039 Clues for Tuesday, April 23 Puzzle

If you’re finding today’s Wordle difficult, we’ve put together a few hints to help you solve the puzzle.

Hint #1: Today’s Wordle can be used as a noun.

Hint #2: There are two vowels.

Hint #3: There is one duplicate letter in today’s answer.

Hint #4: The last letter is a consonant.

Hint #5: The answer begins with the letter “R.”

‘Wordle’ #1,039 Answer for Tuesday, April 23 Puzzle

The answer to today’s Wordle is “Rover.”

Wordle resets at midnight in your local time zone, but if you can’t wait until then, here are some other popular word puzzle games to keep you busy in the meantime.