Those who want Finidi George to fail as Super Eagles coach

The appointment of Finidi George as the head coach of the Super Eagles has sparked a mix of excitement and dissent within the football community.

While many supporters celebrated the selection of a homegrown talent with a rich history in Nigerian football, others have not been as enthusiastic. In this article, SportsRation correspondent Nsikakabasi Akpan exposes those who want Finidi George to fail as head coach of the Super Eagles.


Among those hoping for his downfall are individuals who had different preferences for the position and, most notably, agents who stood to gain financially from the hiring of a foreign coach.

These agents, driven by the prospect of earning hefty agency fees, are arguably the most dangerous detractors. A foreign coach would command a significantly higher salary than Finidi George, leading to more substantial commissions for these agents.

Consequently, they are reportedly hoping for the Super Eagles to falter in their upcoming matches against South Africa and Benin Republic. Their goal is to create a surge of social media outrage under the banner “Sack Finidi Now,” thereby reviving their aspirations for a foreign coach.


This writer has been made aware of at least one agent actively preparing to rally support for this unpatriotic campaign. Such actions not only undermine Finidi George but also the integrity and unity of Nigerian football.

As we reflect on this situation, it’s essential to point out the need for collective national support. Ensuring Finidi George’s success is paramount, not just for him as an individual, but for the pride and progress of Nigerian football. The country must come first, above any personal interests or agendas.

Every patriotic Nigerian should rally behind Finidi George, understanding that his success as the Super Eagles coach is a triumph for the nation.

Praying for his failure or actively working towards it is unpatriotic and detrimental to the country’s football aspirations. Let us all put our support behind Finidi George and strive for the betterment of Nigerian football.

The Super Eagles of Nigeria will face South Africa on June 7, 2024 before a trip to Abidjan where Benin Republic, now managed by former Nigeria National team manager, Genot Rohr awaits.

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