Tammy Slaton Displays Slender New Figure Ahead of Girls Trip

Tammy Slaton is flaunting her brand new figure.

In recent months, Tammy Slaton has showed off her extreme weight loss on social media.

As she continues her life-changing transformation, she’s better able to travel and live life as she chooses.

Ahead of a girls trip with a friend, Tammy’s giving followers an update on her progress.

Tammy Slaton speaks to late husbandTammy Slaton speaks to late husband
Tammy Slaton talks here to her late husband on 1000-Lb Sisters (Image Credit: TLC)

Haley Michelle and Tammy Slaton are taking a girls trip

On Tuesday, April 23, 1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton took to Instagram to show off her new look.

And she was not alone.

While apparently shopping in a grocery store on an aisle with juice and other goods, Tammy posed alongside her friend, Haley Michelle.

“Getting some groceries before our girl’s trip,” both Tammy and Haley captioned the photo. They jointly posted it to Instagram.

The comments section, of course, overflowed with praise. Primarily for Tammy (Haley has a large following, but significantly more on TikTok than on Instagram), as fans find her increased mobility to be very encouraging.

Commenters had a lot to say, noting that they feel “amazed,” how “fabulous” Tammy looks, and praising her tattoo.

Most of Tammy’s followers know her from 1000-lb Sisters. As a result, Haley is a less familiar figure. To some Instagram users, it feels like she suddenly “appeared” in Tammy’s photos.

Some of these followers have expressed concerns. Is someone “using” her for social media clout?

“Tammy and I are friends. And I have over 2 million followers on TikTok,” Haley wrote in an Instagram reply. “I don’t need to use her for anything. We are good friends and I love her.”

Neither Tammy nor Haley shared the location of their trip. And that’s for the best. At almost any level of fame, there’s a potential for one fixated “fan” to show up inappropriately. Even if they aren’t dangerous, it’s enough to ruin a getaway.

Similarly, though fans have already heard that 1000-lb Sisters Season 6 began filming in early 2024, it’s often a guessing game as to whether Tammy’s adventures will show up on TLC.

We should all keep in mind that Tammy deserves time to herself to spend with friends. In these moments, she can choose what becomes public — like Instagram selfies — and what does not. Reality TV crews don’t work that way.

Tammy Slaton criesTammy Slaton cries
Tammy Slaton cries here over the death of husband Caleb Willingham. (Image Credit: TLC)

Fans are happy that Tammy is happy

Tammy Slaton has been through a lot — including the death of her husband. Season 5’s finale showed his funeral, and viewers felt for Tammy in this painful moment.

She has also shed a tremendous amount of weight. Tammy, who weighted about 700 pounds when the series premiered, dropped 150 pounds for her bariatric surgery in 2023. Since then, she has grown dramatically slim.

Some trolls have left cruel comments about her extra skin (an inevitable side effect of rapid weight loss). But most fans aim to be encouraging as Tammy adjusts to a new reality.

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