Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Gets Upgraded With Meta AI and Multimodal Capabilities

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, the successor to the Ray-Ban Stories, which was launched in September 2023, is now finally available with multimodal artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. The company started rolling out the update on Tuesday for users in the US and Canada. Meta also highlighted that the Meta AI on the smart glasses has multimodal capabilities and it can identify any objects captured through the camera. Alongside, new frame styles for the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and video calling feature have also been released.

Making the announcement via a post on its newsroom, Meta said, “Just say, “Hey Meta,” and ask away! You can control the glasses using voice commands, and thanks to Meta AI, even get access to real-time information.” It is not known whether the Meta AI within the smart glasses are powered by Llama 3 but the company has said it will be introducing the capabilities of its latest foundation model soon.

Meta first began testing the AI features in December 2023 and released the features to a limited number of users in beta. But now, all users in the US and Canada can use the AI. While the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are also available in 13 more countries, the company did not reveal when they might get the AI features.

According to a report by The Verge, despite Meta’s claims that the AI can be activated with the phrase “Hey Meta”, in reality, the prompt that works is “Hey Meta, look and…” followed by whatever you need information on. The usage of the feature is pretty straightforward. If you want to identify a flower, a plant, or a car model, just look at it and ask Meta AI, and it should be able to give you the answer. Apart from that, you can also ask it for information about static topics and it should also be able to answer them.

Other than the new AI features, the wearable device will also support video calling via any of the Meta apps. The user on the other side will see the point-of-view of the smart glass wearer. The company also revealed that the smart glasses will be available in new frame styles. The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses will be available in a new Skyler frame and a Headliner low bridge fit frame.

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