Psychiatric patients denied period products ‘for safety reasons’

NHS England announced in 2019 that period products would be available to all patients who need them.

Shortly after, the NHS in Wales announced the same, with Scotland and Northern Ireland also doing this from 2022.

An NHS England spokesperson said it expects “all hospitals to give patients access to the essentials of daily life, including sanitary products.

“All patients should be able to request pads and tampons and not face additional stress and worry during what is already a stressful time.”

Chris Dzikiti, director of mental health at the Care Quality Commission – which regulates mental health services – said “we look at whether people’s human rights are being respected throughout their care.

“Access to period products is an important part of a person’s rights to privacy and dignity.

“The National Survivor User Network is doing great work in this area and we welcome their research.”

Hat hopes this report will make a positive difference for patients in psychiatric hospitals.

“As well as having these guidelines, I want it to highlight the need for this conversation for services and also for patients,” they said.

“We deserve so much better.”

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