Owner Feels Bad Living in an Apartment With a Dog, Then Remembers One Thing

Plenty of dog parents dream about the day they are able to move into a home with a giant backyard for their canine to run around as much as they want, but until that time comes, one owner has shown there is still a “suite life” to apartment living.

Owner Ava shared in an April 19 TikTok video posted to the account @annatherescue that she always felt bad her rescue dog lived in an apartment. Then she started to realize her dog Anna loves apartment life. Instead of stressing or rushing to get Anna a new home, Ava learned to make her dog happiest with all that the apartment has to offer and surprisingly, there is quite a lot.

From built-in friends and earning the status of a nosey neighbor status to office treats and daily zoomies, Anna is living the life. This has taught Ava one thing: “Our pups don’t care for material things…”

She is sharing the message to other pet parents to take it as a sign that they should never feel bad for trying their best and that “everything is always what you make of it.”

Dog enjoying apartment life
Screenshots from an April 19 TikTok video of a dog enjoying the perks of apartment life. She gets endless pets from other residents, treats from the office, and endless zoomies.


It doesn’t matter where you live with your pets as long as you provide them with food and endless love and affection. You’re their whole world and they’ll be happy just being with you.

Plus, there are tips for owners living in an apartment with their canine roommates, to ensure their dogs get the best experience. Owners should consider making a space dedicated to their dogs where they feel safe and relaxed, pet blog Hepper reported.

The article continues by suggesting owners potty train their dogs, especially when living in large apartments, and teach commands to avoid any possible trouble in or around the complex. Dogs need to stay entertained both mentally and physically for their overall health.

What Did Viewers Say?

The TikTok clip had over 894,400 views, 138,600 likes, and 234 comments as of Tuesday.

“Doesn’t look like Anna could care less where she lives. She’s happy as long as she has you,” pointed out a viewer.

Another added: “Living an enriched life in an apartment is so much better than wasting away in a shelter. You’re giving her a beautiful life, never doubt that!”

And just as Anna is reaping the benefits of apartment living, those who live there are likely benefiting too. “If I lived in this apartment I would look forward to seeing her every day,” commented a third user.

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