‘New Girl’ Joins Girls Night—and It’s Sweeter Than You Might Expect

Girlhood never grows up—it just gives way to more girlhood.

A TikTok video posted by Itzel G. (@itzeelitaaa) went viral for revealing the latest addition to the woman’s years-long friend group: a new baby. Itzel, 27, spoke to Newsweek about what it means for her friend group to expand as they all grow older. Since her video was posted on April 26, it has received over 310,000 likes and over 500 comments.

“When a new girl joins girls’ night,” she captioned the video, which pans over to the baby. “I love her so much.”

Itzel's friends in her TikTok video
Itzel G.’s friends in her TikTok video. The video has gone viral after revealing the latest addition to their years-long friend group: a new baby.


The child is Itzel’s best friend Jennipher’s daughter, and it’s the first time any of the four friends has had a baby.

“The four of us in the video have been friends since middle school and we’ve always talked about the day when we would have babies,” Itzel told Newsweek. “We’ve been through so many different stages of life together, so when we found out she was pregnant with a girl, we couldn’t wait until she was old enough to join us out to dinner.”

Girls’ nights with the group typically involve dinner, drinks and full debriefs on life’s latest.

“We’re all in different stages of life so when we do get the opportunity to hang out…it’s always a great time catching each other up on what’s going on in our lives,” she said. “I don’t have sisters, but they’ve become my sisters over time, and I can tell them literally anything.

“I love that even when we go long periods without seeing each other, every hangout is just as fun as the last and it feels like we’re still in middle school giggling about everything.”

Motherhood After Girlhood

The transition of some friends to motherhood is poignant, Itzel said.

“Seeing my friends enter the stage of motherhood is so exciting, because I know how much they’ve been waiting for it, and I just feel so blessed to still be in their lives to see it happen,” she said. “I’m so excited to watch this new generation grow up and it makes me emotional knowing that we’re finally getting to live out the dreams we’ve spent years talking about.”

Despite common rhetoric that marriage and babies can drive friends apart, Itzel is adamant that the new addition to their friend group has encouraged even more bonding.

“I feel like [Jennipher] having a baby has actually made us even closer,” she said. “I just want to make sure I can support her in whatever way I can as she navigates this new era of motherhood…Having babies join us just adds more fun to anything we do from now on!”