Man Falls in Love With Sick Pup on Vacation—Spends a Year Bringing Him Home

A man who found a sick, stray dog on a trip to Turkey dedicated a year to bringing the little pup to his home in the United Kingdom.

The dog’s journey of getting adopted and brought to the U.K. was highlighted in an April 1 TikTok video posted by user @dobbyandfriendsturkiye. But while Dobby has a happy ending now, there were a few bumps in the road.

When the man spotted the pup, he brought Dobby back to where he was staying in Turkey. Dobby was cleaned up and given a warm bed to rest. But unbeknownst to the rescuer and his wife, the dog was sick. Dobby had canine distemper, a highly contagious, and often fatal, viral disease.

Dobby started coughing and having “ticking attacks.” The pup was brought to a vet, who told the couple Dobby would never survive. They immediately rented a car and drove to the only distemper clinic located in Istanbul, the couple told Newsweek. Dobby stayed for three months. But the path to going to his forever home didn’t stop there.

A kind foster mom kept Dobby with her until he was no longer contagious to other dogs. Then he was brought to a dog rescue until the paperwork cleared for Dobby to come to the U.K., and when it did, the couple returned to finally bring him home.

Dog rescued from Turkey
Screenshots from an April 1 TikTok video of a man’s journey to rescuing a dog from Turkey. The entire process lasted over a year.


When they returned to fly home with Dobby, they needed a few more items for him: a passport, passport photos, and the finalized paperwork.

Then they were finally off to fly from Istanbul to Amsterdam followed by a ferry to England. A long travel journey after nearly a year, but Dobby is safe in his forever home getting love, attention, and endless treats.

The caption said: “The process was incredibly complicated but it can be done!”

The beautiful rescue story captured people’s hearts and they were blown away by this man’s dedication to Dobby. The TikTok video had over 588,000 views, 70,600 likes, and 934 comments as of Thursday.

“This is so cute. I’m so glad this baby was saved- wishing for many more dogs, cats, etc. to be saved!” commented one viewer.

A second added: “The way you went above and beyond for this sweet baby. Thank you so much.”

A third person wrote: “The fact that you can see the time this journey took. The puppy grew up by the time he had his loving home.”

The clip shows viewers the dedication and time often required to rescue a dog from another country. The owner said in the comment section that Dobby’s paperwork took forever and that “they don’t make it easy for TR-UK.”

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