Independiente del Valle vs Liverpool Prediction

Thursday’s Copa Libertadores clash between Independiente del Valle and Liverpool promises to be a thrilling encounter, with both teams needing a win to advance from Group F.

Here’s an in-depth look at the matchup, including team form, news, and predictions.

Match Preview

Independiente del Valle

Independiente del Valle has had a mixed run in this year’s Copa Libertadores. Currently, their form in the competition is DWLLL, reflecting two draws, one win, and two losses.

Despite these setbacks, they remain undefeated at home against Uruguayan teams in this tournament.

Their latest outing saw them narrowly defeated by Palmeiras, ending a seven-match home unbeaten streak in the group stage.


Liverpool of Uruguay faces a daunting task. Their Copa Libertadores form reads DLWLL, indicating a struggle to secure consistent victories.

They have never managed to score or win in Ecuador, which adds to their challenge.

Their recent defeat to San Lorenzo highlighted their defensive vulnerabilities, especially in the dying minutes of the game.

Team News and Lineups

Independiente del Valle

The team will be without Bryan Garcia due to a suspension related to a match-fixing scandal.

Youri Ochoa and Junior Sornoza are also sidelined with injuries. Lautaro Diaz, who scored against Palmeiras, is expected to play a crucial role.

The probable lineup includes:

Goalkeeper: Villar

Defenders: Landazuri, Carabajal, Schunke, Caicedo

Midfielders: Paez, Ortiz, Alcivar, Diaz

Forwards: Hoyos, Bolanos


Liverpool will miss Matias de los Santos due to a red card suspension, while Facundo Perdomo is out with a ligament tear.

Their lineup is likely to feature Gaston Guruceaga in goal and Diego Rodriguez, who has been pivotal in their attacking plays.

Expected starters include:

Goalkeeper: Lentinelly

Defenders: Amaro, Rosso, Martinez, Cayetano

Midfielders: Lemos, D. Rodriguez

Attackers: Gonzalez, Garcia, Ocampo, L. Rodriguez


Independiente del Valle is predicted to edge out Liverpool with a narrow victory.

Their experience in critical matches and home advantage will likely play a significant role.

Liverpool, needing a substantial goal difference to progress, might leave gaps in defence, which the Ecuadorians could exploit.

Our Prediction: Independiente del Valle 1-0 Liverpool

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