How Husband Comforts Waitress Praised by Internet: ‘Green Flag’

A proud wife has shared a video of her husband eating his dinner at a restaurant, but it isn’t the content that has caught the attention of over 4 million viewers; it is the text instead.

Layered over the footage posted shared on July 7, Holly (@hnicole_no06) has highlighted her husband’s positive action. She wrote: “My husband’s green flag was when he heard the table next to ours giving our waitress a hard time. He told our waitress to sit down for a second with us then asked if she wanted to spill the tea.”

In the caption, Holly added: “He then told her she is doing a great job, and some people are just chronically unhappy. We love a supportive king.”

Indeed, treating hospitality workers with respect is a huge positive when dating. How someone treats the waiting staff can say a lot about their character, according to The Waiter Rule” made by a well-known American business executive called William Swanson.

Swanson, the former chairman and CEO of Raytheon Company, once said, “A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter—or to others—is not a nice person.”

A waitress takes an order from a couple at a restaurant. Internet users have praised a man for the way he was dealt with a female server who was having a tough time.

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In three days, the video that shows the man polishing off a bowl of mussels has received almost 300,000 likes and a sea of support in the comments.

“He’s a keeper honey, hang on to him!” posted one user.

Another wrote: “As a server/bartender…we live your you kinda’re doing the lords work and everyone who works there knows how cool you are now.”

“As a former server I would’ve greatly appreciated that,” added a third commenter.

A fourth commented: “[Your] husband is a kind soul [and] I’m glad he saw something negative [and] decided to care [and] make the waitress’ day better. [People] like him [are] the angels on earth. Thank [you[ kind sir for being a light to the world.”

“Omg [oh my God] I love him. This is so sweet. This is how humans should be,” shared a fifth user.

Working in a restaurant certainly has its challenges. A woman has even dedicated her social-media account to sharing horror stories from her experiences in the industry.

Newsweek previously interviewed Sydney Akgun, a former food service employee, who has gained over 422,000 followers on TikTok by reenacting many common scenarios that servers are forced to face.

“The goal for my content is for people to relate and feel that they aren’t alone when customers are irrational or cruel to them,” Akgun said.

Newsweek reached out to @hnicole_no06 for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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