Has PGMOL turned into an impossible to overthrow dictatorship?

Has PGMOL turned into an impossible to overthrow dictatorship?

I think most supporters are utterly done with VAR. We all agree that it’s exponentially ruining the game, sucking out every last bit of passion and rush of adrenaline that a game can bring. From top to bottom, VAR is just absolutely broken. In a best case scenario, it is being run by incompetents who took one look at Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels and thought “Hey, we can do even worse than that! “. In a worst case scenario they are doing a Stein Bagger, spreading money left and right and unleashing the disease of corruption down through every single layer of this insane machinery – only at least Stein Bagger didn’t do it in plain sight for everyone to see.

So when we all see it, how the heck is it that it’s allowed to continue? PGMOL has every pundit, every journalist and every referee deep in their pockets – I don’t see any other option. In short, they have turned into a dictatorship. Mike Oliver has been at fault for five mistakes, that has now lead Manchester City to an FA Cup final, and on their way to winning the premier league title yet again. We all know the story with Liverpool and that disallowed goal against Tottenham Hotspur. Now Nottingham Forest are the latest to be shunned and silenced in a Tweet where they simply state “Look, we told you this VAR ref is associated with Luton before the game against Everton – we shared our worries and now look what happened. This is not acceptable and we will be taking advice”, after being completely robbed by you guessed it: VAR.

PGMOL and the Premier League have very quickly come out and acted by saying that they’re going to fine them. Every pundit and journalist has come out and said “well they shouldn’t be coming out like this, it’s the very fabric of the game being questioned” yada yada yada. It’s the same issue over and over again, the same weak, flimsy strawman arguments. Nobody in the mainstream having the slightest set of cojones to come out and speak against it. If I stand in front of a lion’s den and I say “you know, I’d rather not jump in there”, but someone holds a gun to my head and tells me “Jump in, you’ll be fine” – I jump in, I miss a leg and an arm. Who’s fault is that? This is essentially what is happening with VAR at the moment.

It is a pure dictatorship, and unfortunately it’s only supporters like you and me who regularly speak up against it. After the Liverpool onside goal, the Premier League should have been paused, every little bitty stone should have been turned over. Instead, it was all downplayed, Howard Webb got together with PGMOL and the Premier League saying, “We need to work together to shut this down” – since then they’ve just been too busy collecting their cheques. We’re now at the end of the season and they still haven’t pulled their finger out their backside. Clubs are getting relegated, titles are being won, simply because of incompetent and or corrupted officiating.

At the end of it all, the Premier League has turned into the most boring, laughable league of Europe, if not the entire world. Forget about the best League in the world. With every season, it’s crumbling more and more, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Not until every club, every manager, every player, every supporter, and especially every journalist and pundit comes out and speaks up, and takes very drastic measures, I’m afraid nothing will change. I don’t want to be too dramatic – at the end of it all, it’s only football, but overturning a dictatorship often means war.

Is an outright war against PGMOL really the only thing that might change the direction things are going? At the moment, I would say yes.

Written by Lets Be Rational April 23 2024 18:26:04


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