Greg Doucette Opens Up on His Beef With Tren Twins: “How Is Your Testosterone Levels Lower Than Mine”

Greg Doucette, the renowned IFBB Pro bodybuilder turned YouTube sensation, a few days ago shed light on his clash with the social media phenomenon known as the ‘Tren Twins.’ In a candid interview with Bradley Martyn, Doucette delved into the root of their discord.

In a snippet of his interview, Martyn asked about his “beef” with the Tren Twins. Doucette emphasized that he harbored no real animosity towards them. Doucette, known for his no-nonsense approach to fitness, didn’t hold back when discussing his experience coaching the Tren Twins. He expressed his initial optimism, seeing reflections of his younger self in the duo’s dedication to powerlifting and bodybuilding. However, he went on to reveal what went wrong soon after.

It takes hard work and relentless passion advises Greg Doucette


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It seems their journey hit a roadblock when it comes to getting lean. According to Doucette, he noticed a lack of commitment to the grind necessary for reaching competition-level body fat percentages. Despite his efforts to guide them through his regimen, the Twins brothers fell short. Doucette couldn’t help and said, “I don’t think you understand how hard it is to diet to like 5% body fat. They weren’t really keeping up and wanting cheats and stuff. And so ended up, they didn’t do the show, they backed out.”


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He continued explaining, “They ended up getting a different coach. They weren’t getting real stuff, right? And they’re not getting really good progress. I’m like, how is your testosterone levels lower than mine? Like this doesn’t make sense.” You have to actually try.” The statement encapsulates Doucette’s frustration with the Twins’ apparent lack of effort and dedication to the process.


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It’s not just about lifting heavy weights or posting flashy content on social media; it’s about putting in the work, in the gym. But have you ever wondered how and when their conflict first occurred?

Doucette warns against the abuse of caffeine

Actually, the Tren Twins found themselves hospitalized due to excessive caffeine consumption. The bodybuilding coach reported on the incident and shared a video on social media, which the brothers strongly opposed. Despite the twins publicly discussing their ordeal, they objected to Doucette’s coverage. Welcoming their criticism, Doucette stated, “You guys want to go to battle with Coach Greg? I’m more than up for it.” He had previously warned them about the potential consequences of pushing boundaries.


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Doucette noted the twins’ dissatisfaction with his report on an incident they shared. He aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of supplement abuse, particularly with caffeine. In a follow-up video, Doucette reiterated his message: “Don’t abuse caffeine, it’s dangerous.” The incident involved one brother consuming 700 mg of caffeine pre-workout, resulting in a hospital visit rather than enhancing their training session.

Doucette’s “beef” with the Tren Twins isn’t rooted in animosity but rather in his disappointment at witnessing potential go to waste. Additionally, success in the fitness world isn’t just about genetics or performance-enhancing substances; it’s about discipline, consistency, and a willingness to put in the work.

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