Four Nigerian footballers suspended over attack on Referees

The Nationwide League One (NLO) has taken strict disciplinary action against four Nigerian footballers of BIB FC for their physical assault on match officials during a recent match held at the Daura center.

The incident occurred following the conclusion of BIB FC’s match against Tudun Wada FC last weekend in Daura, where the players and coach of BIB FC displayed behavior that violated the rules and regulations of the NLO.

Olushola Ogunowo, the Chief Operating Officer of the NLO, expressed strong disapproval of the unsportsmanlike conduct exhibited by the penalized players and their coach.

The suspended players include Isa Yamani, Abdullahi Tukur, Yusuf Yakub, and Musa Yakub, along with coach Mike.

Additionally, the Chairman of BIB FC has been cautioned to refrain from harassing NLO match officials in the future to avoid breaching league regulations.

The suspended players and coach have been informed of their right to appeal the decision.

The NLO’s swift action underscores its commitment to maintaining fair play and respect for officials within the league

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