Emma Hayes: United States manager re-energised and ready for new challenge

Just a few days after Chelsea wrapped up a fifth successive Women’s Super League title, Hayes arrived in the Big Apple to kickstart her new career.

She spent time with US broadcasters, as well as an appearance on the Today Show, where she met Hollywood star Chris Pratt., external

“I have never had my hair brushed so much,” she joked when asked if she is ready for the media whirlwind that comes with the job.

While Hayes said the US aren’t feared by other teams like they once were, she still thinks managing the Stars and Stripes is the biggest job in women’s football.

“I don’t care what anyone says, it really is,” Hayes said.

“For me, it’s a little bit like Brazil in the men’s game. Historically what this team has stood for, what they have advocated for, what they have represented as women not just in this country but to the women’s game worldwide.

“It’s fitting for me to be with them and vice versa. I think we are coming together at the right time.”

In 2023, the USA had their worst performance at a Women’s World Cup as they were knocked out by Sweden in the last 16.

And they have since fallen to fourth in the world rankings – their lowest ever position.

“I’m not focused on rankings, that’s something I can’t control,” Hayes said.

“The fact there isn’t a Nations League here, getting to the top of the rankings will be very difficult for USA.

“I’m focused on building something again. It’s building trust, it’s building relationships. They are my biggest priorities.”

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