Dog Owner Looks Out at Labrador in Her Yard, but There’s Just One Problem

One dog has taken the curiosity that we all have about our neighbors’ home a step too far, by anointing it as her toilet spot of choice.

A social media video captured Sadie’s antics, catching the Labrador—who has mastered the art of sneaking into her neighbor’s yard—in the act.

The video, posted by TikTok user @larrydoglarry on March 20, has amassed over 862,000 views to date, tickling the funny bones of viewers across the world.

“This is not my dog, this is Sadie, she lives next door, she makes holes in the fence to sneak in and out,” the video’s creator said.

“Sadie looks a lot like my dog; she uses that to her advantage. She likes to poop in my yard instead of hers.”

The light-hearted commentary continues across the post as the owner dishes out the details on Sadie’s sneaky tactics.

“Sadie sneaks over into my yard when she thinks I’m not home. She doesn’t know I have cameras and can see her in my yard. At this exact moment, Sadie knows she is busted.”

The viral video shows the moment Sadie realizes that her neighbor has stepped outside, leading to a comical scene where she hastily retreats after setting sight on them.

The clip is captioned: “Wait to see how Sadie sneaks in and out of my yard.”

One TikTok user asked the video’s creator if Sadie’s owners were aware of where she tends to go to the toilet.

“They know she comes over but they have NO idea how often she … actually sneaks out. A few hours after I took this video I went to let my dog out before bed and she was in my backyard and I didn’t know,” @larrydoglarry responded.

Sadie the Labrador loves to sneak into her neighbor’s yard. Unfortunately for her, her neighbor caught her in the act.


Social media platforms like TikTok have become hotspots for pet lovers and animal videos, providing daily doses of joy and laughter to millions. Sadie’s misadventures represent a common theme of playful troublemaking that pet owners know all too well.

As for Sadie, her sneaky yet adorable tactics have undoubtedly turned her into a local celebrity. The creator’s humorous take on the situation has provided plenty of laughter online.

“So glad you don’t get mad at her! Just a silly Labrador,” one user commented.

Another joked: “Sadie has dual residency.”

Newsweek reached out to @larrydoglarry via TikTok for more information.

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