Despite Joe Rogan Rallying for a Glove Change, Dana White Leaves UFC Fans Unimpressed With Latest Edition

The controversial Chris Weidman vs. Bruno Silva match got everyone in the MMA community talking about the UFC gear in the first place. In their bout, Weidman secured a victory over Bruno Silva but what made the win controversial was him poking both eyes of the Brazilian. The MMA fans believe that poking has become a huge problem in the world of MMA and the UFC should be doing something about it.

Interestingly, during the same time, Justin Gaethje’s coach Trevor Wittman’s MMA gloves got traction from the MMA fans. Even Joe Rogan talked about Wittman’s genius when he sat with MMA fighter Sean Brady. While in conversation about gloves, Rogan emphasized that Wittman’s gloves are probably one of the best things that happened to MMA gear: “I don’t know how it went wrong, but the UFC was talking to Trevor about, about his MMA gloves.”


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He further added, “He has absolutely superior MMA gloves. They’re the best. Yeah, no one even comes close. And when you make a fist with those, it actually encourages a closed fist. I should probably reinstate these talks and try to get it going again. I really should. You know what? I’m gonna do that.” Seems like Joe Rogan tried his best to bring Wittman gloves to the promotion but well the reality is something different.

Fairly recently, UFC bantamweight fighter, Garrett Armfield showcased the new and the old gear that the UFC had, and well it’s not Wittman’s signature gloves. The new gloves are slightly smaller than the old ones but they still have a design that failed to do anything about eye pokes. The design might be a little bit better than the old one but it failed to capture the hearts of the fans.

Diverse opinions among fans regarding UFC gear despite Joe Rogan’s advocacy

Starting off, a fan stated that the gloves might incur more damage to the fighters as it has less padding and is smaller when compared to old gloves. It must be noted that smaller gloves deliver more damage to both fighters.

“New gloves look like they’d deal more damage having less padding”

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The UFC introduced new gear intending to prevent ey͏e pokes among fighter͏s. However, there’s hardly any change in de͏sign. A fan sarca͏stically͏ asked, “What difference do the old and new gloves have, again?”

“What’s the difference again?”

Moreover, another fan pointed out that the fingers are still in the same position as the old gloves and this might raise the same issues again.

“So fingers are still pointed out and they solve absolutely nothing lol”

A fan even directly questioned the UFC administration about how these gloves will help the fighters when the fingers are even more exposed.

“why did they think this would help?”


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A fan explained that the reason why the deal between Wittman and Dana White was canceled was because UFC wanted absolute ownership of the design of the gloves while on the other hand, Wittman wanted rights to the gloves. Nonetheless, nothing has been made certain yet but this might be the truth.

“Still trash gloves. Very little evolution but Dana is to proud to admit hes wrong n bring in the best mma gloves out there @onxlabs n due to Trevor Wittman not budging on the rights to his gloves Dana isnt interested. Like wtf why wont you just partner with Wittman n ONX instead of trying to take over the company n act like its your invention”

Last but not least, a fan again questioned the intent of the UFC with the new gear.


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“So much “innovation” and yet can’t prevent eye pokes”

The gloves might have been designed for the betterment of the fighters but it seems as if the fans have another opinion regarding it. Nonetheless, what’s your take on the new UFC gear? State your thoughts in the comments below.

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