Cat’s Hilarious Reaction as Owner Brings New Sibling Home Without Asking

Getting a new sibling is a life-changing experience that can be hard to navigate, especially for cats, who are renowned for being reserved and aloof.

A feline called Mishka surely didn’t hide the disdain at getting a new little brother in a clip now viral all over social media.

In the post shared on TikTok last Wednesday by the pets’ owner, under the username @weasleytheoneeyedcat, Mishka can be seen lying on the rug in the living room, looking unimpressed by her new sibling and making funny faces, as their owner supervises them in the background.

The clip comes with a caption that reads: “POV [point of view]: your parents got you a brother without asking permission.” It is followed by: “Female rage.”

Cats are territorial creatures, so they may need some time to learn how to share their space with new siblings, but a good introduction is what sets the basis for a healthy relationship between them.

Newsweek previously reported on the best way to introduce a kitten to your new cat and found that it can’t be done all at once—instead, you should take your time to allow the pets to get used to each other.

The first thing you should do is introduce the two kitties through their scent. The best way to do so is rubbing a cloth on your kitten to collect their scent and then offering the cloth to your older cat to smell, as well as some treats as a reward, to make this a positive experience.

You must give each of the cats their own personal space, where they can isolate if needed. It is also important to keep the cats separated in the beginning and to keep their interactions monitored until they are obviously comfortable with each other.

The video quickly went viral on social media, getting viewers from across TikTok. It has so far received over 2.6 million views and more than 275,000 likes on the platform.

One user, DemurePeacock, commented: “I had no idea cats could display such clear disgust!?!? That face…” Amalia wrote: “My cat threw up the moment I showed him his brother lol [laugh out loud].”

K.sa33d added: “As a human who’s parents got me 2 brothers without my permission you don’t get to complain buddy.”

Newsweek reached out to @weasleytheoneeyedcat for comment via TikTok chat. We could not verify the details of the case.

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cat mad about new kitten
Two cats are fighting inside. A feline has left the internet in stitches after appearing mad at her owner from bringing in a new kitten without her permission.

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