Carlos Tevez hospitalized after experiencing chest pains

Former Manchester United and Manchester City striker, Carlos Tevez, has been admitted to a hospital in Buenos Aires after suffering from chest pains. The 40-year-old spent the night at the clinic located in the San Isidro neighborhood.

Tevez is set to undergo further medical examinations today at another nearby hospital. Initial reports from Independiente, the club he manages in Argentina’s topflight, indicate that the initial results of the tests conducted have been “satisfactory.”

A statement released by Independiente on their official website reads: “Our coach, Carlos Tevez, was admitted to La Trinidad Hospital in San Isidro due to chest pain. After conducting the necessary tests, the results were satisfactory. Today, he will proceed with a series of pre-scheduled tests as part of a general check-up.”

The news of Tevez’s hospitalization has prompted concerns among fans and the football community, with many wishing him a speedy recovery. Further updates on his condition are expected following the additional tests scheduled for today.

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