Arizona Republicans Side With Democrats in Bid to Repeal Abortion Law

The Arizona state House has passed a repeal of an archaic law banning abortion, with a small number of Republicans joining with Democrats on the third attempt to overturn the ban.

Arizona Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that the near-total abortion ban enacted in 1864 was still enforceable. The ruling immediately sparked outrage from Democrats who support abortion rights and concerns from some Republicans that the restrictive law could be a liability in the November election.

Despite former President Donald Trump calling on Arizona lawmakers to get the ban “straightened out,” Republicans blocked two previous efforts to repeal the law in the state House earlier this month.

On Wednesday, three Republicans joined with all 29 Democrats in the chamber to pass the repeal. The bill will still need to pass in the state Senate before Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs can sign it into law.

Republicans Side Democrats Arizona Abortion Ban Repeal
Abortion-rights advocates are pictured during a demonstration outside the Arizona House of Representatives in Phoenix on April 17. Three Republican lawmakers on Wednesday joined with all Democrats in the House to pass a bill repealing…

Rebecca Noble

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.