Answers and Clues for Puzzle #346

Connections is about to celebrate its first birthday, but just because it is in its infancy does not mean that the game is child’s play.

We can all struggle with solving the daily word puzzle, so Newsweek has put together some clues to help you along.

The brainteaser is The New York Times’ second-most-played game after Wordle. Connections requires players to uncover threads connecting a series of words.

Instructions on how to play the game are below. Clues and the answers for today’s puzzle are toward the end of the article.

How to Play ‘Connections’

In Connections, players group words together to solve their common threads to reveal the name of their corresponding categories.

Each puzzle consists of 16 words, with each group of words separated into four groups. The uniting themes can come from a broad range of categories, including anything from Halloween costumes to geometric terms.

new york time connections logo
‘The New York Times’ ‘Connections’ logo. It is the newspaper’s latest game to take the world by storm.

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If all four words are correctly placed into each set, those words will be removed from the board. Each incorrect guess counts toward the mistake tally. Up to four errors can be made before the game ends.

Players can shuffle and rearrange the board if they want to try to make the process of guessing the connections easier.

The board also has a color-coding system representing levels of difficulty. Yellow represents the easiest, followed by green, blue and purple. A group’s color will be revealed only once the words in a group have been correctly connected.

To make it a bit tougher, a word can sometimes belong to more than one category—but there is only one correct answer.

The answers for today’s Connections puzzle will be revealed at the end of this article, so please scroll with caution if you want to work them out yourself.

‘Connections’ #346 Clues for Wednesday, May 22

Newsweek has some hints to help you figure out today’s Connections categories.

Yellow: These words are lyrics to a popular kids’ song.

Green: Different colloquial words for a vehicle.

Blue: These words can mean “takes it off.”

Purple: Buzz, buzz. These words can be like a certain sound.

‘Connections’ #346 Answers for Wednesday, May 22

Yellow Category: Body parts in “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”

Yellow Words: Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes

Green Category: Car, informally

Green Words: Auto, Ride, Wheels, Whip

Blue Category: Removes the covering of

Blue Words: Pares, Peels, Shells, Shucks

Purple Category: “Buzzy” things

Purple Words: Bees, Caffeine, Gossip, Intercoms

Did you guess the answers correctly? If so, congratulations. If not, there will be another opportunity to crack the puzzle tomorrow.

Connections is released at midnight in your local time zone. Newsweek will be back with another round of hints and tips for each new game.