Alex Rodriguez Called Glen Taylor a ‘Traitor’ as $1.7 Billion Battle for Timberwolves Ownership Turns Ugly

The drama surrounding Minnesota Timberwolves ownership has taken a drastic turn. With Alex Rodriguez launching a verbal strike on current owner Glen Taylor, the tension between the two parties has erupted publicly. Turns out Taylor allegedly reneged on a previously agreed-upon deal; a “traitor”?

Here’s the unpacked situation: In 2021, a group led by former baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez and businessman Marc Lore purchased a majority stake in the Minnesota Timberwolves for a whopping $1.7 billion. The deal comprised a multi-year transition period where Taylor would retain some control.

Alex Rodriguez breaks down the Minnesota Timberwolves ownership war


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As per Rodriguez, all was progressing as planned until recently. “One of the things that was very important to Glenn Taylor and Becky [his wife]…was really important for them to keep the team in Minnesota,” Alex Rodriguez said in a recent statement, further adding,“Mark [Lore] and I honored that. That’s exactly aligned with what we want. We would never move it anywhere. We love Minnesota. I bought a home there. I’m gonna attend at least 50 games this year. Markus [sic] all in, we speak four or five times a day.” However, his rosy picture took a sharp turn. 


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Alex Rodriguez spoke about this sudden change in decision, while Taylor unexpectedly attempted to alter the terms of the agreement: “The second part that was really important for Glenn and Becky is they were in control as a control partner for two and a half years. We’ve honored that.”

The timing of the occurrence was quite dramatic. As A-Rod says, having done everything there is to do “and now when it’s time for him to hand the ball over to us, he says wait a minute, nuclear bomb, I want to change everything now!”

Why did “traitor” Glenn do what he did?


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The frustration was evident as Rodriguez explained his narrative. He further mentioned getting over two to three dozen phone calls over the last two and a half years to ensure that they have the best law firm by their side. Alex Rodriguez also added, “Mark and I took the approach like, no, you know what, Glenn and Becky have been great with us, we believe them, a contract is a contract.”

However, according to Rodriguez, that trust appears to have been misplaced. He concluded his statement with the revelation that he received “this bomb” the previous day, and all he has heard about Glen is “‘he’s a traitor’ and unfortunately he lives up to the Glen Taylor reputation.” The battle lines are clearly drawn with these words, and it still remains to be seen how the ownership saga unfolds. In the thick of it all, one thing is certain: the fight for control of the Minnesota Timberwolves has become a bitter war of words.

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