Absurd Mistake at Penn Relays Results in Hilarious Chaos, Leaving the Track and Field World in Splits: “Show Must Go On”

Penn Relays 2024 is underway from April 25 this year. It holds a legacy of being the oldest track and field event in the United States. Starting way back in 1895, the inaugural edition was hosted at the Franklin Field in Philadelphia. As the years rolled on, the event began to garner more participation. By the time it was 2012, the tournament was already brimming with 116 events. Currently, the Penn Relays is flocked by 15000 participants with 300 events. 

However, amidst the buzzing enthusiasm of athletes, a recent incident left everyone in splits. Running in the men’s 4x400m relay, a runner unfortunately dropped his baton. But what he did next was totally unexpected. 

Baton debacle in Penn Relays goes viral on social media


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In a recently uploaded video by Travis Miller on X, the hilarious clip came to light. The video was captioned, “Dropped the stick and just left it 😅.” and showed visuals of several athletes competing at the Penn Relays. As the seconds rolled, one of the athletes could be seen dropping his baton in what was probably a momentary lapse in concentration. However, instead of getting back to retrieve the baton, the athlete kept charging towards the finish line. 

Such an act of hurry sent the commentators into a frenzy as they kept wondering what the athlete would hand over to his partner. With the race taking pace, things became even more bizarre as the athlete went on to edge past the others, maintaining a significant distance from his rivals. 

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But the funniest part of the race came right when the athlete handed over the ‘baton’ to his partner. With nothing in his hand, the athlete merely touched each other’s hand, in an imaginary gesture of passing the baton as his partner charged away in the distance. Such a sight made the fans roll on the floor laughing as they came up with rib-tickling comments. 

Fans react to the failed attempt to pass the baton

The post from Travis Miller instantly had 14k people watching. Its bizarre happenings made the fans repost the hilarious incident fourteen times while writing this article. They also commented, making their voices heard. One fan could not contain the excitement and said, “😂😂😂whoa.” 

This user tried to read the athlete’s mind on what his intentions were after letting go of the baton. The tweet read, “Man like, ill pick it up when i come back around 🤣🤣🤣”

Another user found the commentary amusing as the comment read, “Buddy said the baton not stopping him from hitting that PR spilt time.” 

This user gave a WWE reference of ‘tagging’ his partner instead of ‘handing over the baton’, saying, “Him passing the ‘baton’: “Tag you’re it” 😂” 


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Another fan reciprocated similar sentiments through emojis. The comment read, “😂😂😂”


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Thus, such a hilarious display provided the fans with a good laugh amidst the riveting rivalries. However, whether the athlete got rebuked for being too creative is an answer that we don’t have yet. 

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